Monday, January 9, 2017


Hi all!
Sorry for a delay in posting, things have been so hectic. I'm back in Tokyo, and I had to get a new wifi system since my old one shut down on me. Demetria and I were pretty bored for the three days we didn't have internet!

Being back in Tokyo was rough at first, being surrounded by my old friends and family for a month was a lot of fun, and when I first arrived back here I was so sad! I shook off my homesickness pretty quick, because Tokyo is basically my 2nd home now.

I figured I'd make a short post and talk about a few goals I'd like to achieve in 2017.

#1: Continue to blog frequently. Maybe not every week, but I hope to blog something or at least post a short update several times every month this year.

#2: Go to sleep earlier. I say this as I'm typing here at 1:11 AM! Hey, Tokyo is always bustling, okay?

#3: Become closer with people here. Maybe even meet a boy! (let me not get too ahead of myself)
#4: Work towards my end goal of getting my fashion designs on a runway.

How has your 2017 been so far? I wish you all good luck and happy thoughts in the New Year.


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