Monday, January 9, 2017


Hi all!
Sorry for a delay in posting, things have been so hectic. I'm back in Tokyo, and I had to get a new wifi system since my old one shut down on me. Demetria and I were pretty bored for the three days we didn't have internet!

Being back in Tokyo was rough at first, being surrounded by my old friends and family for a month was a lot of fun, and when I first arrived back here I was so sad! I shook off my homesickness pretty quick, because Tokyo is basically my 2nd home now.

I figured I'd make a short post and talk about a few goals I'd like to achieve in 2017.

#1: Continue to blog frequently. Maybe not every week, but I hope to blog something or at least post a short update several times every month this year.

#2: Go to sleep earlier. I say this as I'm typing here at 1:11 AM! Hey, Tokyo is always bustling, okay?

#3: Become closer with people here. Maybe even meet a boy! (let me not get too ahead of myself)
#4: Work towards my end goal of getting my fashion designs on a runway.

How has your 2017 been so far? I wish you all good luck and happy thoughts in the New Year.


Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Los Angeles Apartment Tour!

Hi everyone! I hope you are making it through the post holiday blahs, if you celebrated Christmas. I'm certainly feeling very blah, I'm so sad the season is coming to an end.  However, I've been having fun chilling with my friends here in LA. I'm going back to Tokyo next week, which is exciting, but I'll miss the LA weather and all my friends here.

But anyway, while I'm here, I figured I'd do a short tour of my LA apartment. When I'm not here, I let my friends who need a place to crash live here. Usually it's my friend Aaliyah since she is always on tour (she's a hip-hop singer!) , she doesn't really need her own place because she's never home. Sometimes Blair also stays here, since she moves all the time and her new apartments aren't always ready in time.  Regardless, all my close friends have a key if they need it for whatever. I'm so generous, I know! *boos can be heard in the distance* 

...Let's get on to the tour since I always seem to have novel size intros.

Here is my OOTD:
Shirt: American Girl
Shorts: Forever 21
Slippers: Bearpaw


First, lets start with my vanity. I usually have a ton of makeup brushes, palettes, lipsticks, etc all over it, but I have most of them with me back in Tokyo, and the rest are put away. My room is not nearly as messy as it was when I lived here full-time. In fact, it's pretty bare bones since I took most of my stuff with me when I moved.  The vanity is vintage from the 1940s, and it's gorgeous. I got it from an antique mall when I first moved to LA.

On top of the vanity, I have a vintage radio from the same antique mall. It's such a nice piece, and I'd love to have it with me in Tokyo, but it's so heavy it's not worth the amount of money it'd cost to ship it over. So, I have it on my vanity for everyone to enjoy.  It still works!

Here is the stool below my vanity. It's plush and gorgeous, but also extremely heavy since it's vintage and made out of real wood.

Sitting at my vanity really brings back so many memories! I used to sit here everyday and do my hair and makeup. Being "home" here in LA really is sort of nostalgic, since I haven't been back in over 6 months!

Heading over to my living room, I chatted with Aaliyah who is visiting right now. She's not touring since it's the holidays, I take advantage of the rare moments she's here! She has been one of my best friends since I moved here three years ago. Back then, she was still uploading songs to YouTube and Soundcloud, hoping to get noticed. Fast forward to now, she has a few #1 hits under her belt and is a world-wide hip-hop megastar. I hope to make a post interviewing her soon. I'm so proud of her! :,)
Anyway, in my living room I only have a few things, most of my decorations and rugs and stuff are either in storage or with me in Tokyo. I still have my huge wooden sofa-chair thing, which my friends surprised me with for my birthday a few years ago. I think they were tired of sitting on mats on the floor since I couldn't afford a sofa, lol.

Here's a better photo of the sofa-chair. Isn't Aaliyah beautiful, even off guard? She said she is signing a contract with a modeling agency, too. What can't she do? I beg her all the time to teach me how to record music, but she's just so busy!

Next to the sofa-chair, I have a small plastic chest of drawers. Normally, it'd be stuffed full of random junk and the top of it would have a bunch of junk, too, but most of said junk is with me in Tokyo. So it's a little boring now.

Moving back towards my "bedroom" (again, since it's a studio apartment, I don't have designated rooms), I have a small white side table. I used to have a case of vinyl records underneath on the shelf, but they are with me in Tokyo, so it's pretty bare. Inside the drawer, I have a few necklaces and rings I didn't want to bring with me. I used to have a lamp on it too, but I gave it to Blair after she begged me for it for months.

Aaand, here is my bed! I just have a low to the ground all white bed. Nothing very fancy! I would usually have a ton of teddy bears and stuffed animals, but again, they are with me in Tokyo! It's still very comfortable though. My mattress here is loads more comfortable than the one I have in Tokyo.

   Comfy, cozy

Thank you for touring my apartment with me!  I have so many ideas for upcoming posts, I'm so excited to share them with you!

Until next time,
-Evangeline (And Aaliyah!)

Monday, December 26, 2016

The Christmas Party

Hi everyone! Merry Christmas! Or, day after Christmas as I'm posting this. I had such a busy day getting ready for the party, then having the actual party, taking photos, and everything else, I was too tired to update the blog. But, here I am, ready to go!

Yesterday, I threw my annual Christmas party. We exchanged gifts, talked, and danced to music for hours. I was extra excited to throw the party this year, because I haven't seen most of my friends for such a long time. Living in Tokyo is amazing, but I really missed my American friends! I am going back to Tokyo in 2 weeks, so I fortunately still have time to hangout with them.

Here is my outfit for Christmas day. I wore a simple purple dress from American Girl and black Mary Janes.

Without further ado, let's get into the party! 

I invited several of my L.A. friends as well as Demetria who I live with in Tokyo and is home with me in L.A. right now.  I was super excited to finally see my best American friend, Blair again. We've been friends since we were little kids, and we've grown up together. We took a few photos together as soon as she arrived since I love having photos of my friends to put in my room in Tokyo. 

As more guests started arriving, I chased everyone around with my camera to take photos of their outfits. I'm lucky to have a bunch of beautiful and stylish friends! 


 This is Chandra. She is one of my newer friends, we met at school back when I actually went. Her skirt was so elegant! Her hair is the most gorgeous, rich red color. I'm jealous.

 Here is Chantal! She recently got a new haircut and I think she looks gorgeous. Her coat was so soft! She looked gorgeous as usual. She always knows how to look stylish!

Demetria! I was with her when she bought those glasses and her skirt in Tokyo just before we flew to L.A. I think she looks so stylish. You may notice me in the background of these photos, my friend Fleur was insistent on taking her photo for Instagram, so I am using her photos for my post!

 And, Fleur herself! Her skirt was so soft and cute, btw. She's quite the Instagram girl, I think it's the blonde hair.

After I annoyed everyone enough with shoving my camera in their face, I let everyone go back to enjoying themselves. 

Then, it was time for everyone's favorite time. Presents! 

"Everyone! Come over by the tree. It's time for presents!" 
As everyone gathered around, I started sorting out the stacks of gifts for everyone at the party. First up was Chantal. 

Me: "Hey, Chantal! Here you go. I hope you like it, I'm pretty sure I saw you look at this when we were out shopping."

Chantal: "Oh, wow! Thanks. I'm excited!" she smiled brightly as she took her present. 

Chantal: "Oh! It's gorgeous! I was looking at this! Thank you so much. I was going to go back and buy it after Christmas, but now I won't have to!" 

Chantal: "Thank you! Merry Christmas, Evangeline."
Me: "You're so welcome! Merry Christmas." 
After Chantal happily put her new skirt back in the bag and cleaned up the paper, I started to shift through the gifts and find another one (hah) to give. 

Me: "Demetria, here you go. I picked this out at home and brought it over here. I hope you like it!"

Demetria: "Oh, wow! Thank you!"

Demetria: "doh, what is this?! Ooohh....."

Demetria: "A Pullip! She is gorgeous! I knew you didn't go to that toy store for your little brother. You don't even have a little brother!" 
Me: "I had to tell you something! It's hard to think of an excuse to explain why I'm going to the toy store." 
Demetria: "You could've just told me you were going somewhere else..."
Me: ....

Demetria carefully put her doll back in the bag and carefully placed the bag near her seat, and I got up to get the last gift as the others were busy exchanging gifts of their own. 

Me: "Oh! Blair! Here is yours."
Blair: "Oh, you didn't have to get me anything. Thank you, though!" 
I rolled my eyes as gave her my present, as she says that every year even though she gives me something every year, too. We are best friends, after all.

Blair: "The bag is so pretty. Would be a shame if it got lost..."
Me: "Oh my god,  you can take the bag, too." I laugh 

Blair: "Oh, wow! It's so fun! Just my style. How'd you know?
Me: "Well, we've been friends for like, 15 years. I'd like to think I know your taste pretty well."
Blair: "You're right..."

After we finished exchanging gifts, it was really late. So, we took one last group picture and said our goodbyes. 

Here we all are! My 'Annual Christmas Party Guests, 2016' 
From left to right we have: Chantal, Me, Gia (who showed up late!), Fleur, Blair, Demetria, and then Chandra. 

And that's all! I hope you enjoyed the recap of my party, it was so fun! I hope you had a lovely Christmas if you celebrate, if you don't, I hope you still had a great day. 

Thanks for reading.
Until next time,

Friday, December 23, 2016

Christmastime is Here (And, My First Post!)

Hello everyone! My name is Evangeline, I'm 19 years old, and I'm a huge fashionista! I love, love, fashion, hair, makeup, everything! I'm a big girly-girl. I'm currently living and studying in Tokyo, Japan. Technically, I live in Shibuya, a huge shopping and business district.  I moved here during the summer, and I love it! I room with my friend Demetria, and she also helps me navigate and acts as my translator, since I'm not fluent in Japanese by any means. She was lucky enough to grow up there!

But, since it's the holidays, Demetria and I have been home in Los Angeles with all of our American friends. I am so glad to see them again! I am planning to print out and scrapbook all of the photos I took of them over these past few weeks.
Speaking of photos, here are some Demetria took of me in front of the Christmas tree showing off my OOTD.
My outfit consists of:
A shirt is from American Girl
A skirt is from American Apparel
Boots are from Forever 21

I hope to be able to update on Christmas day with photos of my friends opening their gifts! I have to go back to Tokyo in January - it'll be so bitter sweet!

Thanks for reading, I will see you all soon! Happy Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanza, Happy Giftmas, Happy Holidays!