Monday, December 26, 2016

The Christmas Party

Hi everyone! Merry Christmas! Or, day after Christmas as I'm posting this. I had such a busy day getting ready for the party, then having the actual party, taking photos, and everything else, I was too tired to update the blog. But, here I am, ready to go!

Yesterday, I threw my annual Christmas party. We exchanged gifts, talked, and danced to music for hours. I was extra excited to throw the party this year, because I haven't seen most of my friends for such a long time. Living in Tokyo is amazing, but I really missed my American friends! I am going back to Tokyo in 2 weeks, so I fortunately still have time to hangout with them.

Here is my outfit for Christmas day. I wore a simple purple dress from American Girl and black Mary Janes.

Without further ado, let's get into the party! 

I invited several of my L.A. friends as well as Demetria who I live with in Tokyo and is home with me in L.A. right now.  I was super excited to finally see my best American friend, Blair again. We've been friends since we were little kids, and we've grown up together. We took a few photos together as soon as she arrived since I love having photos of my friends to put in my room in Tokyo. 

As more guests started arriving, I chased everyone around with my camera to take photos of their outfits. I'm lucky to have a bunch of beautiful and stylish friends! 


 This is Chandra. She is one of my newer friends, we met at school back when I actually went. Her skirt was so elegant! Her hair is the most gorgeous, rich red color. I'm jealous.

 Here is Chantal! She recently got a new haircut and I think she looks gorgeous. Her coat was so soft! She looked gorgeous as usual. She always knows how to look stylish!

Demetria! I was with her when she bought those glasses and her skirt in Tokyo just before we flew to L.A. I think she looks so stylish. You may notice me in the background of these photos, my friend Fleur was insistent on taking her photo for Instagram, so I am using her photos for my post!

 And, Fleur herself! Her skirt was so soft and cute, btw. She's quite the Instagram girl, I think it's the blonde hair.

After I annoyed everyone enough with shoving my camera in their face, I let everyone go back to enjoying themselves. 

Then, it was time for everyone's favorite time. Presents! 

"Everyone! Come over by the tree. It's time for presents!" 
As everyone gathered around, I started sorting out the stacks of gifts for everyone at the party. First up was Chantal. 

Me: "Hey, Chantal! Here you go. I hope you like it, I'm pretty sure I saw you look at this when we were out shopping."

Chantal: "Oh, wow! Thanks. I'm excited!" she smiled brightly as she took her present. 

Chantal: "Oh! It's gorgeous! I was looking at this! Thank you so much. I was going to go back and buy it after Christmas, but now I won't have to!" 

Chantal: "Thank you! Merry Christmas, Evangeline."
Me: "You're so welcome! Merry Christmas." 
After Chantal happily put her new skirt back in the bag and cleaned up the paper, I started to shift through the gifts and find another one (hah) to give. 

Me: "Demetria, here you go. I picked this out at home and brought it over here. I hope you like it!"

Demetria: "Oh, wow! Thank you!"

Demetria: "doh, what is this?! Ooohh....."

Demetria: "A Pullip! She is gorgeous! I knew you didn't go to that toy store for your little brother. You don't even have a little brother!" 
Me: "I had to tell you something! It's hard to think of an excuse to explain why I'm going to the toy store." 
Demetria: "You could've just told me you were going somewhere else..."
Me: ....

Demetria carefully put her doll back in the bag and carefully placed the bag near her seat, and I got up to get the last gift as the others were busy exchanging gifts of their own. 

Me: "Oh! Blair! Here is yours."
Blair: "Oh, you didn't have to get me anything. Thank you, though!" 
I rolled my eyes as gave her my present, as she says that every year even though she gives me something every year, too. We are best friends, after all.

Blair: "The bag is so pretty. Would be a shame if it got lost..."
Me: "Oh my god,  you can take the bag, too." I laugh 

Blair: "Oh, wow! It's so fun! Just my style. How'd you know?
Me: "Well, we've been friends for like, 15 years. I'd like to think I know your taste pretty well."
Blair: "You're right..."

After we finished exchanging gifts, it was really late. So, we took one last group picture and said our goodbyes. 

Here we all are! My 'Annual Christmas Party Guests, 2016' 
From left to right we have: Chantal, Me, Gia (who showed up late!), Fleur, Blair, Demetria, and then Chandra. 

And that's all! I hope you enjoyed the recap of my party, it was so fun! I hope you had a lovely Christmas if you celebrate, if you don't, I hope you still had a great day. 

Thanks for reading.
Until next time,

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